Carrot Cake Crazy!

A friend recently approached me about making a carrot cake. Honestly, carrot cake has never been something I enjoyed. In past instances when I have been served carrot cake at functions it usually ranged from the insanely stringy carrot filled brick held together by bits of cake to the mass produced grocery store cake flavored to kinda taste like carrots were added.  So I began the journey of making a carrot cake I could look forward to eating and proud to serve.

I took a basic carrot cake recipe I found on the internet and immediately began to remove redundant ingredients. I then added a few spices that I knew would amp up the flavor like cardamom and nutmeg.  Also, any opportunity to add fresh vegetables to cake is a cause I support. I regularly produce-shop at the farmers market. And as a resident of the San Gabriel Valley I am blessed with a plethora of farmers markets for every day of the week. So I headed over to the Historic Downtown LA farmers market & the West LA farmers market where I scored a beautiful fruit filled bounty.


Farmers Market Finds!

I made a brief side trip to Santa Monica’s Farmers Market mainly to grab a bite to eat, but found myself pleasantly surprised as I stood before The Drake Farm goat cheese booth. The wheels in my head began to turn. I knew it was common practice to use cream cheese frosting for carrot cakes, but nothing about this cake was to be common. So how ‘bout I switch out cream cheese with goat cheese? Pure genius!

Upon completion I was left with a cake that was delicious, flavorful, and moist, with the perfect blend of carrot. Using the goat cheese for frosting is the flavor equivalent of eating greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt, it is a total flavor upgrade!! Its tangy and sweet which totally compliments the carrot-y goodness of the cake.

Carrot Cakes