Carrot Cake Crazy!

A friend recently approached me about making a carrot cake. Honestly, carrot cake has never been something I enjoyed. In past instances when I have been served carrot cake at functions it usually ranged from the insanely stringy carrot filled brick held together by bits of cake to the mass produced grocery store cake flavored to kinda taste like carrots were added.  So I began the journey of making a carrot cake I could look forward to eating and proud to serve.


Honey Pecan Pie

You see, both my parents are from the beautifully-quaint, college town of Magnolia, Arkansas. But I was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. Yet, I consider myself a Southern girl at heart. I have spent many fall Arkansas days picking pecans out of the tall grass of my Granny’s side yard Read More...

Veteran’s Day Cake

Veterans day has always been a day of celebration in our home because it was also my fathers’ day of birth. My kids always joked, “it’s like grandpa was born to be a soldier!” It’s true my dad was a soldier, a marine Read More...

Adventures of Baking a Birthday Bundt Cake!

To Bundt or Not to Bundt?

This morning, I woke up excited and feeling quite blessed that my mini-me is 13 years old today. She laid her head to rest as mommy’s baby girl and woke up a young lady. A full-fledged teenager! This day is screaming for a cake! And I know just which one to make. The core of my baby girl is a simple child. She loves her classic sweets, so what is more classic than a vanilla pound cake? Right!

Only thing is I instinctively revert to bundt cakes when I think pound cake. But does a 13 year old wants a bundt cake on their birthday or do they want fun colors, moustaches and sprinkles? Hello!! Sprinkles & moustaches!!


The Perfect Chocolate Birthday Cake!

“There’s only one thing better than a friend…a friend with chocolate”
– Linda Grayson

You know how life has this crazy way of setting up road bump, after road bump, after road bump, until finally you just wanna say “forget it,” I’m gonna go back home, crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head! Well yeah, it was that kinda MONTH! So when my 16 years old son’s birthday crept upon me I found myself unprepared and cakeless!

Luckily for me, my boy is sensible and not picky. And luckily for him, his momma can bake! Read More...

Mwokaji Cakery at “Get Porked,” Sponsoring L.A. Foodie’s Delicious Event!

“Mmm … bacon”
— Homer Simpson

On May 29th 2013, we had the awesome pleasure of being dessert sponsor for LA Foodies pork-stravaganza #GetPorked!

Get Porked - Bacon Cupcakes

We supplied an army of Mwokaji’s signature mini Red Velvet Bacon Cupcakes!! Now if you don’t know, let me ‘xplain to you (in my Ricky Ricardo voice.) this is a mini cupcake of red velvet awesomeness infused with organic maple syrup, frosted with maple Italian meringue buttercream, topped with hickory smoked maple bacon… uhm, ur drooling. Read More...

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