Danielle + Willdan Christening

Twin babies Danielle & Willdan Christening! Super cute twin babies, whose family hosted their christening reception at PF Changs in Irvine. Their godmother Nicole ordered a dessert setup with us and we were more than happy to oblige!

The table consisted of fresh fruit tarts.

Fresh Fruit tarts

Chocolate Carmel Cupcakes with fondant crosses


Lemon Cupcakes with fondant hearts


Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcakes with fondant crosses


Also some of our super yummy creme puffs (pate a choux)

Rainbow Sprinkled Creme Puffs, which is pate a choux bread, filled with vanilla custard, dipped in baby blue white chocolate ganache topped with rainbow confetti sprinkles.


Chocolate Creme Puffs, pate a choux bread, filled with chocolate custard, dipped in dark chocolate ganache.

chocolate creme puffs


Oreo Creme Puffs, pate a choux bread, filled with Oreo custard, dipped in white chocolate ganache, sprinkled with Oreo crumbs.

Oreo creme puffs


Such a rich and deliciously sweet dessert selection for a beautiful set of twins. Gods blessings and mercy upon their life.