Mwokaji Cakery @ Artisanal LA

Artisanal LA Artisanal LA banner

Saturday, October 12th 2013 & Sunday, October 13, 2013 we had the express pleasure of being one of the vendors at Artisanal LA

… yay!!

I can’t convey the level of excitement we had for this event. It was held at the insanely awesome Magic Box in LA Mart (which we love!) There were soo many wonderful vendors there. We made new friends and were able to reconnect with old friends. We gained new customers and introduced our product to a whole new fan base (exciting!)

We were given a 10’ x 10’ space to decorate as we saw fit and make into our home for 48 hours!

Artisanal LA pre-decor

The theme for our pop-up shop at Artisanal was a ‘vintage home kitchen.’ We used several antique furniture pieces to display our goodies, and doilies were an ongoing design accent. We wanted our friends and customers to feel welcome, to stop by and chat with us for a bit. Get to know us and our product.

Artisanal LA Cookie display

What we had available for purchase were our signature Cranberry Apricot cookies. What makes these cookies so yummy are the bold fruit flavors of apricot and cranberries coupled w/sweetened coconut and white chocolate chunks. This cookie has a ‘cakey’ texture that makes it perfect to eat with a cup of coffee or Earl Grey. We packaged these cookies in food safe kraft bags made from recycled materials, the bags had a window that gave our customers a sneak-peek at the yummy treats inside. And we hand applied our labels complete with lace and flower accents to the bags. We also had jumbo chocolate cupcakes frosted with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and topped with white chocolate curls. We sold cake slices of lemon mousse cake and chocolate hazelnut cake. And of course we had our infamous Oreo “Cake in a Jar!” Each cake-in-a-jar came equipped with a biodegradable wooden spoon (thats us trying to be all green, lol.) Cool part about the cake-in-a-jar is once you eat the cake; you keep the jar!

Artisanal LA cupcakes

Artisanal LA cakes in a jar  

Artisanal LA cupcake w/crystalized pansy

I have nothing but fond memories when I think of Artisanal. I can’t wait for next year, who knows what goodies will have come up with by then!

Angeleno Inc, always has the most wonderful flyers, my goal is to get Mwokaji on the flyer for Artisanal LA 2014 and become a featured vendor!!!