Mwokaji Cakery at “Get Porked,” Sponsoring L.A. Foodie’s Delicious Event!

“Mmm … bacon”
— Homer Simpson

On May 29th 2013, we had the awesome pleasure of being dessert sponsor for LA Foodies pork-stravaganza #GetPorked!

Get Porked - Bacon Cupcakes

We supplied an army of Mwokaji’s signature mini Red Velvet Bacon Cupcakes!! Now if you don’t know, let me ‘xplain to you (in my Ricky Ricardo voice.) this is a mini cupcake of red velvet awesomeness infused with organic maple syrup, frosted with maple Italian meringue buttercream, topped with hickory smoked maple bacon… uhm, ur drooling.

But that was not all. Attendees were also treated to a taste-tastic selection of Mwokaji’s signature sugar cookies: Apricot Cranberry Sugar Cookies, Triple Chocolate Cookies and the all soo cute Sprinkle Sugar Cookies…. and yes, that is coconut & white chocolate in those apricot-cranberry cookies!

Sugar Cookies

We concluded our dessert selections with a slice of sponge cake with passionfruit mousse, frosted with fresh whipped cream and fresh fruit. And a chocolate verrine cup, topped with fresh whipped cream and decorated with chocolate crispies!

Chocolate Verrine Cup Mousse Spongecake

While the attendees satiated their palates Mwokaji’s own Chef Breezee was able to sit a spell with the LA Foodie Guys and shoot the breezee (pun intended.)

LA Foodie Guys with Chef Breezee

Here is the audio from the LA Foodie #GetPorked podcast which includes an interview with our Chef Breezee: