The Perfect Chocolate Birthday Cake!

“There’s only one thing better than a friend…a friend with chocolate”
– Linda Grayson

You know how life has this crazy way of setting up road bump, after road bump, after road bump, until finally you just wanna say “forget it,” I’m gonna go back home, crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head! Well yeah, it was that kinda MONTH! So when my 16 years old son’s birthday crept upon me I found myself unprepared and cakeless!

Luckily for me, my boy is sensible and not picky. And luckily for him, his momma can bake!

I knew if I got him out of the house for just a couple hours I could totally pull this off as if I had planned it all along!! So with a few bucks in tow, I sent him to the mall with friends for lunch and lots of birthday cheers. You see the fastest way to get a teen out of your presence is to shower him with affection in front of his mates.

With no time to waste I began scaling out my “go to” chocolate cake recipe aka Hersheys “Perfectly Chocolate Cake.” I threw those bad boys in the oven and jetted off across the street to Party City. Balloons, plates, napkins, birthday card… check! I hustled back home, ran back inside to find these lovelies baking up nicely:

Chocolate Cakes Baking in the Oven

Ding! There goes my timer. I pulled these guys out the oven, I let them sit on the counter for a couple of minutes, them “quick cooled” them in the freezer. I promise you I frosted these lovely cake layers faster than you can say Razzamatazz.

He arrived home from the mall, and we were all waiting in back, where we had the decorations, presents and cake setup. As soon as he stepped foot into the den, we all began to sing “Happy Birthday to ya” (Stevie Wonder version, of course!)

Chocolate Cake - Finished

The cake was such a hit, I now sell it as a regular Mwokaji Cakery selection!

-Chef Breezee