Veteran’s Day Cake

Veterans day has always been a day of celebration in our home because it was also my fathers’ day of birth. My kids always joked, “it’s like grandpa was born to be a soldier!” It’s true my dad was a soldier, a marine, an old school brand of gentlemen I don’t often see any more. He served this country for 20 years in the Marine Corps; proudly. He served four tours in Vietnam and returned home with a purple heart. We lost my dad October 15, 2012 to a sudden cardiac arrest. He was laid to rest in Riverside National Cemetery in his class A blues.Daddy

With Veteran’s Day having such meaning to me and my family, I knew I needed a cake that conveyed strong sentiments of patriotism and gratitude. Obviously it would be red, white and blue. And with the farmers market still having a great selection of blackberries and strawberries, I knew that it would have to be covered with fruit on top.

My go-to cake is an American sponge cake. I love the versatility of flavors that it can be manipulated into. The simple sturdy construction of the sponge ensured that this would be the cake of choice. And almost by default, I fill this cake with fresh strawberries and meringue.  I decided to make the outer frosting a deliciously light vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Topped with fresh fruit this cake would be delicious. But I still felt like it needed more. Something flag-esque that would remind us of the fact that in spite of the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, that in the morning our flag would still be there… So i added a series of red, white and blue American buttercream ribbon cascading onto the side of cake. A few red, white and blue mini pinwheels on top to really bring home the flag theme.

Veterans Day Cake


Happy Birthday Daddy


-Chef Breezee